Nano Unimar

Compact precision
Increasingly compact solutions for ever smaller grinding machines and parts: the answer is NanoUnimar.
Injectors, small gears, components from the mechanical engineering-automotive industry, aerospace, hydraulic/pneumatic parts, tools for the biomedical industry, ... , these are just some examples of the types of parts that can be measured using NanoUnimar measuring heads.
It is based on the specifications of the application and the type of part that a type of gauge with different features (retraction, damping) can be selected. Pre-travel and measuring force are parameters that can be suitably adjusted directly on the gauge body.

Why choose it?
NanoUnimar measuring heads are the ideal solution for process control on grinding machines for micro-components, where the spaces in the machine are very limited.

Technological advantages
The ideal partner in extremely high precision grinding systems, NanoUnimar is compact, with excellent measuring performance such as repeatability, linearity and thermal stability
The heads can be connected to all Marposs electronic gauging amplifiers.