CPU Master

This is the heart and mind of the BLÚ system; it has been designed to be housed inside the machine cabinet (DRY area). It is extremely compact and very easy to install, which means that it will fit into very small spaces.

The Master contains the basic system sw and the application part for each specific configuration; it manages data storing and the Human Interface for the entire system.

This is where the MMSB (MarpossMeasure System Bus), which connects all the function nodes present on the network together, originates. The MMSB is used to transmit all the information regarding the management of the various processes elaborated by the single function nodes. The system uses connectors that do not require any additional wiring, and this, together with the simplicity of the software reconfiguration process, means that the modules can be connected rapidly, enabling the user to adapt the network to the specific requirements of each machine tool in real time.

One of the frontally accessible slots houses the interface for the fieldbus that the specific configuration must be slaved to. The connectors located to the side at the bottom of the front panel can be used to connect other BLÚ system modules designed to be housed in the cabinet (e.g. the module for physical I/O or other function nodes).