Marposs BLÚ Human Interface

Thursday 14 March 2019

With its new 7 inch remote panel, BLÚ system gives a completely new experience to the machine operator.

Marposs BLÚ new display involves users into a entirely new way to interact with the machine: thanks to its smart human interface, everyone could be able to interact with the system, navigate through menus and learn how to set-up and configure all the sensors connected.

The touch screen technology makes the system easier and more intuitive in terms of navigation and customisation:

• Completely customizable views – [dashboards];
• Easy and scrollable menus, with hot pages reachable with a single tap;
• Key parameters set-up directly from dashboards;
• Password protection to set different level of accessibility. 

To make navigation intuitive, we designed new icons, organized in an easy and clear structure, common with all Marposs new generation amplifiers.

BLÚ Human Interface can be installed on any Industrial Computer and/or remoted into machine panel and/or on any HDMI device.