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Actuation of gauges and sensors plays a key part of the whole measurement process.

Marposs actuators are designed in order to provide extreme positioning repeatability performance, even in the harshest machine conditions. Portfolio of Marposs actuators offers three types of power supply: hydraulic, pneumatic, and lately electro-mechanical.

e-actuators are characterized by a large number of innovative features, able to optimize cycles in terms of productivity and giving the possibility to control the whole process, always keeping an eye to the environment.

Main Features 
Linear e-actuators: e-Slide

• Versatility. Various strokes available: 35, 50, 75, 100, 130
• Flexibility. Option of programming intermediate steps, with speed and acceleration ramp regulation
Two operating modes: manual and automatic, for use when moving the  slide during the set-up phase or under normal operating conditions (standard machine cycles)
• Compactness. The dimensions have been optimised depending on the stroke length in order to reduce the space taken up inside the machine to a minimum
• Precision. Excellent positioning repeatability performance
• Reliability. The slides  are designed for an MCBF > 1,000,000 cycles
• Robust build. The stainless steel body guarantees resistance in any working environment, even in the most hostile conditions. IP67 seal rating
• Error diagnostics. Enables users to identify incorrect operating conditions quickly and restore the normal conditions without any unnecessary delays
• Presence of integrated micro-switches.The motor logic is capable of controlling the integrated positioning micro-switches and provide the machine with feedback
• Ease of installation

Orbital e-actuators: e-Fenar

• no hydraulic needed - electromechanical actuation with step motor
• reliability – motion repeatability is no longer depending on boundary conditions (mechanics not influenced by temperature, oil condition...)
• safety – electromechanical actuation is able to stop in case of obstacle
• flexibility – easy adjustment, customizable working parameters (speeds, positions)
• grinding cycle optimization – synchronization between fork and pin movement
• cycle time reduction – thanks to intermediate positions

Radial stroke e-actuators: GTE

• Extreme repeatability performances
• Pressurization. Guarantees resistance in any working environment, even in the most hostile conditions. IP67 seal rating
• Reliability. The slides are designed for an MCBF > 1,000,000 cycles
• Connections. Connection to high end Marposs Touch/Scanning probes: T25, T25p, G25
• Flexibility:
- multiple angular stroke
- multiple cable output option
- left and right hand version
• Green: no hydraulic connection requested
• Add-on: possibility of disconnect the pipe from the arm body