AE - Internal spindle sensor

AE - Internal spindle sensor

The sixth sense of the grinding wheel

Surface propagated ultrasonic acoustic emission sensor with contactless signal transmission between a rotating piece (rotor) and a fixed piece (stator). The rotating piece, which inserted in the spindle, consists of two elements: a piezo-electric sensor and an electronic signal transmission unit. The dimensions can be adapted to specific application requirements.

Why choose this product? The applications

The proximity to the process and the wide signal range mean that the product offers high quality parameters. This solution, where the sensor is mounted inside the spindle, is especially suitable for use with:


Typical controls:

 Gap & Crash between grinder and dresser
  • Dressing profile controls


Typical controls:

 Gap & Crash between grinder and piece
  • Grinder positioning with respect to dresser (Gap)

Technological benefits

With the AE sensor mounted directly in the spindle, it is possible to guarantee extremely high levels of sensitivity. In particular, during dressing, this sensitivity enables the system to "sense" increases of less than one micron effected by the dresser on the surface of the grinding wheel, especially those in CBN.

Advantages for the user:

  • The dressing control detects the moment of contact between grinding wheel and the dresser, speeding up the dressing cycle and preventing damage to the grinding wheel.
  • Due to the extreme cutting conditions and the high cost of the abrasive CBN grinding wheels require a specific acoustic analysis in order to optimize dressing process.