Marposs was founded in 1952 by Mr. Mario Possati. From the outset the company has produced standard systems and customized solutions for industrial measurement applications and dimensional, geometrical and surface gauging on mechanical components, and for machining process monitoring and controls. Marposs works with both end users and machine tool manufacturers, right through from the initial development stages of a project to its completion, providing its customers with long term technical support and assitance. The company's application solutions are designed to satisfy all requirements, from direct control on machine tools to final controls on finished pieces and acquisition and statistical processing of the measurement data. The company is an international market leader and has Research & Development, Production, Marketing, Sales, Customer Training, and Post-Sales Services resources in all parts of the world. Quality has always been fundamentally important to Marposs, and we continue to make every effort to improve our procedures and methods, adopting those which are best suited to the analysis, design, production, control and support of our products. The company's experience permits our customers to achieve their goals in terms of product quality, efficiency, flexibility, productivity, reliability and simplicity of the production maintenance process, irrespective of the size of the company.

Mission and Philosophy

The Marposs mission is to produce precision metrological and functional control equipment for use in the workshop environment, during and after the machining process. Marposs can supply products ranging from single measurement components to turnkey automatic machines and complete automatic lines. To ensure that we meet all our customers', we supply measurement, non-destructive testing and seal testing equipment, in addition to a wide range of sensors and control systems for machine tools. The company has become the world leader in the measurement technology sector and offers its customers a combination of state-of-the-art products, market knowledge and global, long-term collaboration. These principles form the basis of an international organization capable of supply applications and support practically everywhere in the world. Marposs places great importance in customer satisaction. The company invests in human resources and advanced technology with the aim of supplying innovative, superior quality products and applications, developed in close collaboration and through a process of simultaneous engineering with its customers.

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