WB - RPM and vibration sensor

WB - RPM and vibration sensor

Vibration is the enemy!

Imbalance is the most common cause of vibration on grinding machines. Vibration can be eliminated by means of an active balancing system that monitors the signals from the vibration sensors (accelerometers) and the rotation speed (RPM) and corrects the imbalance by applying a manual adjustment (corrective weights on the grinding wheel support flange).

Why choose this product? The applications

Grinding wheel imbalance correction directly on the grinding machine (grinding wheel mounted on the spindle). Applicable to every type of grinding machine and size of grinding wheel.
Immediate correction due to continuous spindle vibration and grinding wheel imbalance monitoring (accelerometer always present in the machine).

Technological benefits

The manual balancing system enables user to achieve significant improvements in individual piece surface quality.
The balancing system eliminates working conditions where the grinding wheel is unbalanced and prevents the vibration fro being transmitted to the other rotating machine parts.
Thanks to its preventive maintenance action, the balancing system reduces machine down and maintenance times significantly.